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a. The Executive Committee is composed of all standing committee chairmen, the Moderator, the Stated Clerk, the Recording Clerk, and the Treasurer.

b. Following the principles outlined in the Preamble, the Executive Committee will prepare the proposed docket for Presbytery meetings and will be responsible for:

  1. Budget and Finance — proposing the annual operating budget, publishing periodic financial reports, and contracting for an annual outside audit or financial review;

  2. Nominations — proposing committee members and chairman for election by the Presbytery;

  3. Program — fostering faithful service by instilling a shared vision, mutual trusts, and teamwork among presbyters;

  4. Women in the Church (WIC) — encouraging vigorous WIC ministries in the churches; and

  5. Attendance — instilling diligent attendance by ministers and sessions.

Leadership Development

a. The Leader Development Committee will oversee the development of ministry leaders – identifying, training, mentoring, and credentialing candidates through these phases of development:

  1. Under care;

  2. Internship;

  3. Licensure; and

  4. Ordination.

b. As requested, the LDC will establish and oversee mentoring relationships to meet special developmental requirements.

c. As requested, the LDC will:

  1. Communicate with seminaries and other outside agencies interested in Presbytery leaders development and in the work of the LDC;

  2. Conduct assessments of candidates in training; and

  3. Offer retreats and seminars for continued professional growth.


a. In cooperation with our member churches, the Mission Committee will lead Presbytery in its expansion work – developing strategies for planting new churches and for starting new Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) ministries on college campuses within our geographic bounds;

b. Directing and overseeing the work of Presbytery’s Greater Baltimore Church Planting Network;

c. Developing and supporting local urban and mercy mission initiatives; and

d. Supporting Mission to the World (MTW) and other world mission agencies.

Presbytery Judicial Commission

a. As directed by Presbytery, the PJC will conduct formal judicial cases, including investigating allegations and charges, conducting trials, and adjudicating appeals and complaints.

Session Records

a. Once every year, the Session Records Committee will collect and review the session records for each member church and report to the Presbytery the results of their reviews according to Rules for Keeping Session Records (Appendix A to these Bylaws).

b. Assist church sessions in training new Clerks of Session, when requested.

c. Maintain and propose updates as needed to the Chesapeake Presbytery Manual for Clerks of the Session, along with Appendix A to the Bylaws, Chesapeake Presbytery Rules for Keeping Sessional Records.


a. The Shepherding Committee will engage proactively with ministers and sessions to maintain the spiritual health of our churches by:

  1. Caring for ministers, including pastors with calls, pastors without calls, ministers laboring in “needful work” (BCO 8-4), and ministers honorably retired;

  2. Supporting churches, especially those without pastors;

  3. Counseling and supporting sessions apart from official judicial process;

  4. Handling requests for ministers to serve as stated supply;

  5. Promoting regional meetings for prayer, encouragement, and discussion; and

  6. Receiving attendance notifications and encouraging full participation.
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